Dance Upanishads: Introduction to Ballet, 28-29 Jan 2017

As part of our ongoing effort to promote quality dance culture in Hyderabad through our #DanceUpanishads workshop series – Furor Hyderabad in association with Shreenath Muthyala bring you a solid 8-hour Introduction to Classical and Contemporary Ballet workshop over the weekend of Jan 28-29.

This is a complete beginner course and no Ballet Background is needed – however the course is aimed at DANCERS and not novices – you already need to be dancing some other genre of dance to participate.

At a Glance:

What: Introduction to Ballet (8-hour Beginner workshop)

When: 28-29 Jan 2017
Sat AND Sunday 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm (with appropriate short breaks in between)

Where: Yoga Infinity Hyderabad – Jubilee Hills
JUBILEE HILLS : (CCD Building Opp Heart Cup Cafe Rd No 45)
PBN Center ,1st Floor
Road Number 45, Nandagiri Hills
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad,
Telangana 500033, India

Fees: 1600 per person
Online Payment:
Spot Registration also available on Saturday.

Course Details:

1) Fundamentals of Classical Ballet and its relevant course work .
2) Pioneering Pedagogies of Contemporary Dance
3) Improvisation techniques
4) Floor Work
5) Improvisation Jam

Artist Bio in Detail :

Originally from India, Mr. Muthyala began his dance training in India at a very young age. He studied dance and drama from several noted teachers back in India and around the world. Known for his classic edge choreographies and ground breaking working in the field of dance, he is considered as one among the leading Experimental choreographers in the world of dance today. Graduating in dance and theater from Peridance School for contemporary and ballet in New York, he went on to work and study with noted artists such as as Anabella Lenzu, Eric John Campros, Padma Shri Ananda Shankar Jayant to name a few.

Trained in Contemporary, Yoga, Classical Jazz , Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Theater, African and Indian Folkloric forms, he often exhibits a keen interest in understanding the evolution of Indian classical dance from Natya Shastra . He has also been training himself in the Sufi forms of expression including Whirling Dervishes under Semazen Bashi Shekha Khadija from Turkey.

A Master’s in Computer Science graduate , he is also the director and Producer of an Upcoming Web Series titled “The Great Dance Diaries “ which features leading artists and choreographers from all around the world such as Astad Deboo, Desmond Richardson, Mr. Wiggles, Lori Belilove etc . He also leads a community outreach program for the under-privileged dancers and artists across many cities in India.

He has performed and presented his work in venues like Michael Schimmel Center of Arts for Indo-American Arts Council’s Erasing Borders Festival, Ailey City Group theater, Symphony Space etc. As he aspires to pioneer dance films in India, his Dance films have been premiered in Avayava Dance festival, Greensboro dance festival of North Carolina, Tufts University, Tech Fest – Innovation in technology and Film, Transmit International Dance Film Festival etc.

Often Juggling his time between New York and India he works as a screen writer, choreographer, producer and director. His Individual research interests in dance include:
1) Existential States in Performance Studies
2) Eastern classical and Western classical Dance Forms – A comparative Study
3) Role of Performing arts in addressing Social Issues.
4) Research Papers on Focal Point Transitions
5) Rasa theory between performer and Audience.

About his world premiere of Padam:
Veteran Greek artist Loannis Mavrikakis says :
The heroic confession of director / Choreographer Shreenath Muthyala to bridge-reveal and embody through the nonverbal language of Dance, the damage of dialog in the global body of cultures in a Renaissance new proposal.

Renowned Professor for Dance and Critic Uttara Asha Coorlawala about “ Padam “: Shreenath Muthyala’s Padam has the emotional resonances of passionate unrequited longing – desire is more sublimated than mere sexuality. The incorporation of abhinaya here and is cautious about being intrusive or outside the postmodern aesthetic. This is extremely difficult to do. What I like about Muthyala’s version is that it works across balletic, modern and sadir conventions .

Critic Aseem Chhabra about Shreenath Muthyala’s work : Shreenath Muthyala’s choreography creates a beautiful universal form.

Scholar Sujatha Maringanti says in her article for Narthaki about his workshops: Effortless engagement with eternity, Shreenath Muthyala’s gradual progression into a zen master who weaves his magic spell on the youngsters and carefully elicits the “performers” out of them is a beautiful curve in learning and is filled with extreme dedication and intense hard work. What is impressive about Shreenath’s work is his ability to make that connection come alive, even if for a short period of time, tuning and training the students to step into an “alternative reality”.

Often invited to teach as guest faculty for an Indian classical company headed by Padma Shri Anand Shankar Jayant and “The Floor” based in Cochin he also worked as creative head of Mirage Dance Drama Theater for five years which has been an integral part of Ram’s Step Up Dance Company in Hyderabad. Occasionally his articles and reviews have been published in NY Arts Magazine, Narthaki etc

Padam Link: