Kizomba Bootcamp with Nelson Campos July 1-2, 2017

At a glance:

When? July 1 – 2, 2017 (Saturday and Sunday)

Yoga Infinity Hyderabad
PBN Center ,1st Floor
Road Number 45, Nandagiri Hills
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad,
Telangana 500033, India
(Call us at 8886072572 for any clarification)
Book Online at

Bootcamp for Complete Beginners
(NO background in Kizomba needed)

Beginner Part I (4-hour intensive)
Saturday: 9:30 am to 1:30 pm

Beginner Part II (4-hour intensive)
Sunday: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Bootcamp for Experienced Dancers
(Background in Kizomba recommended – you should have completed at least 8-hours of Kizomba and should be regularly dancing Kizomba socially for at least 6-months)

Kizomba INTENSIVE 6-hour Progressive Course across Saturday and Sunday
Saturday: 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Sunday: 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

How much?

Bootcamp for Complete Beginners
Beginner Part I: 2900/-
Beginner Part II: 2900/-
Entire Beginners Bootcamp (8-hour progressive): 4900/-

Bootcamp for Experienced Dancers
6-Hour Bootcamp: 3900/-

Experienced Dancers may also repeat the Beginners Bootcamp
Total Combined Bootcamps: 6900/- (14 hours)
NOTE: If this is the first time you are learning Kizomba, this combo is NOT for you. The two bootcamps are not progressive – BOTH levels are on the SAME days – you should already dance Kizomba and have a basic understanding of the dance and vocabulary to go for this option.

Payment may be made by cash or card at any socials we have or at the venue. You can also book online at

To make it easier, we have provide partial payment plans where you can book with a partial payment online and pay the rest before the bootcamp starts.

Social nights with focus on Kizomba both pre, during and post the event.

Who can attend?
Bootcamp for Complete Beginners
As the title says – this is a beginner bootcamp. No prior knowledge is necessary to attend the workshop. The course is structured in such a way, that by the end of the bootcamp, you will be dancing Kizomba.

Bootcamp for Experienced Dancers
You should already have prior knowledge of Kizomba and have attended at least a beginner class or bootcamp and have been dancing Kizomba socially for at least 6 months.

About the Instructor:
Nelson Campos is known for his passion to teach and dance socially. By far one of the most humble teachers we have come across in the community. The Bootcamps will be rich in content and technique. There will be no choreography.

Nelson is also the driving force behind the Kizomba movement in India having trained most of the major instructors currently teaching Kizomba here. This comes as no surprise as he is one of the foremost authorities on Kizomba worldwide, and is highly sought after, being invited to teach in multiple congresses around the world. A native of Portugal and Angola, the rich history of the dance is in his blood both literally and figuratively.

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