FAQs / Myths

Salsa Level 1: No previous dance experience required. This class is meant to teach you the fundamentals of Salsa from scratch. If you have never danced before or have “two left feet,” this is the class for you. Note that this is a 3 month Latin Beginners Course and you will be taught the fundamentals of Salsa and introduced to the rhythm of Bachata as well.

Salsa Level 2 or 3: You must be declared eligible to join Level 2 or Level 3 by your instructor.

Course Duration (24 Hours of Classes Guaranteed): The duration of each Salsa course is three months (12-weeks). Once registered you will have access to other Level 1 Salsa batches and Practica Sessions to make up for any class you may miss because of your travel or other circumstances beyond your control. You must inform your instructor if you are missing classes, so that a make-up sessions can be arranged for you. You will have one year to complete 24 hours of classes.

Partners: Joining with a partner is NOT compulsory, although recommended. Furor will ensure that the ratio of men and women in each batch is equal. We will switch partners throughout the entire class, such that everyone will dance with everyone else.

Footwear: Only dance shoes are allowed inside the studio (ie. jazz shoes, Salsa sandals, ballet shoes, etc.). Alternatively, you may also dance in socks until you’ve acquired appropriate footwear. We recommend that you purchase a pair of jazz shoes/sneakers (for men or women) or a pair of Salsa sandals (for women only).

Dress Code: We suggest wearing comfortable clothing (ie. track pants or loose-fitting denims & t-shirt). You will sweat, so consider bringing a small hand towel to dry yourself during class.

Additional Practice: Attending class alone is usually not enough to progress at the pace that we expect from our students. You must find additional practice time outside of class as well. Socials are a very good place for getting more exposure – we strongly recommend that students regularly attend socials. We also have Practica sessions where students can gain additional practice time.

Fees: fees are not refundable or transferable.

Hygiene: This is a partner dance and as a courtesy to your partners, please ensure that you control any unpleasant body odor by applying deodorant and using chewing gum or breath mints before and/or during class.

Conduct: Students are expected to conduct themselves in a pleasant and courteous manner. Each student will learn at a different pace; as such you are expected to be encouraging to your classmates and help those who may be struggling. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

Right of Admission: Furor reserves the right of admission to any of its classes

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